Sex and disability seminar: another great success!

Yesterday’s seminar was a huge success! Very many thanks to our guest speaker Cory Silverberg (SL:SeeLee Markstein) and to all our audience for the very lively discussion that lasted more than two hours. More than 40 avatars visited the UOP Sexual Health SIM yesterday, including three Lindens (Pathfinder Linden, Phoenix Linden and Malbers Linden), and members of the GimpGirl Community and Virtual Ability. They spent more than 3040 visitor-minutes or >50 visitor-hours on the parcel (mostly during the seminar), as shown in the official Second Life traffic figure for the SIM today, 13 June 2008, which reflects yesterday’s usage (12 June 2008–second snapshot below).

Click the image below to launch the event’s video in HD (High Definition). This is a short 2-minute clip created by Maged 

Click to launch HD video.
Click above image to launch the HD video clip

Click to enlarge.
Yesterday’s official Traffic figure (3047 min = >50 hrs). Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.
Other news: New branch in Second Life and more outreach! Click to enlarge. Part of our content is now mirrored at (you will be teleported nearby to the main hub and can then easily find us in The Arcade, a very short walk from the main hub). Very many thanks to the ‘Second Life HIV/AIDS Network Headquarters’ for donating the space at no charge.


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