McKinsey (and Forrester): ignore Second Life at your peril!

A senior consultant at the company (McKinsey), which generally shies away from making public statements because its clients include major high street brands, said that any consumer-facing business “absolutely” had to be “experimenting in virtual worlds” if it wanted to get the attention of under 30s.


“What’s happening with Second Life right now is exactly what happened with the web in the early days,” Mr Rosedale (Linden Lab) said at an event in London this week. “People would say ‘the internet is a horrible place for brands, there’s all this stealing of property, and pornography’, and now what you find is that the web is used relentlessly for information-sharing purposes. We’re seeing exactly the same thing in Second Life.”


About $1.5 billion has been invested in companies developing technologies for virtual worlds in the past year and a half, according to a report published this week by Forrester, the analyst firm. Driven by the near complete penetration of broadband, an increasingly technology-friendly workforce, and cheap computing tools, the 3D web would be “the next major wave of the internet’s evolution,” the report said.
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