‘Sexual Purity and Healthy Relationships’ seminar: a big success!

Yesterday’s seminar was a big success! Very many thanks to our guest speakers, Fr Johann, Fr Joshua and Prebytera Anna, who have made this event possible, to GOARCH for the great ‘Sexual Purity and and Healthy Relationships’ video clip, which we were able to show part of in-world at the beginning of the seminar, and of course to all our audience yesterday, for their stimulating questions and thoughts, and the very lively discussion that lasted more than two hours. Special thanks also go to SL:Gentle Heron, who is a sex educator for people with disabilities, for bringing unique insight to the discussion yesterday. More than 25 avatars attended all or part of the seminar–the total number of unique avatars who have visited our SIM yesterday was >30. The total visitor-minutes on our parcel yesterday was 1690 or >28 hours, as shown in the offical Second Life parcel traffic figure this afternoon, reflecting all day yesterday (1 May 08)–the official visitor-minutes figure for the day before yesterday, i.e., 30 Apr 08, was 24 (see screenshot below). The 1st of May 08 figure of 1690 visitor-minutes is the highest figure our SIM has ever achieved in any single day since project launch in July 2007! More details and colour snapshots of the event will be posted in a follow-on post on this blog. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so, you can visit our SIM now and grab your free copy of the event’s goodies bag, which was offered to all participants yesterday; just touch the big pistachio ball located beside our “PowerPoint”/Video Viewer in-world to receive your copy.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

We will also be posting in due course access statistics of this blog you are reading now. So far visitors from more than 75 countries around the world have accessed content on this blog! Thank you all of you who are following us in-world and/or out-world for your continuing support and interest!


2 Responses to “‘Sexual Purity and Healthy Relationships’ seminar: a big success!”

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