‘Opening Up – A Guide for Women’ seminar: a huge success!

18 February 2008: Yesterday’s seminar entitled ‘Opening Up – A Guide for Women’, the third in our bimonthly sexual health seminar series, was a big success! Many thanks to our guest speaker SL:Jenn Twin from Canada, and to all those who have attended and contributed to the long chat with Jenn after the seminar.

Snapshots of the event are available at

We chose a starting time that would suit both people in North America and those in Europe (7pm GMT). The seminar went very well. It lasted about an hour and half (one hour for the formal seminar, followed by half an hour of informal audience chatting with Jenn), and involved lots of audience-speaker and audience-audience interactivity/chatting.

About 41 unique avatars visted our SIM on the day of the seminar (17 February 2008). They spent in total more than 1600 minutes on our parcel (that’s >26 hours). Peak concurrency was 24 avatars during the time of the event, excluding the project’s team. This is our highest ever peak concurrency since project launch in July 2007. The event had a solid attendance, with most of the peak concurrency maintained (>20 avatars present) throughout almost the whole formal seminar duration (7-8pm GMT).

Click to enlarge.
Our Second Life official parcel Traffic figure on 18 February 2008 at 15:30 GMT, reflecting actual traffic/total visitors’ minutes on 17 February 2008, the day we had the ‘Opening Up – A Guide for Women’ event: 1687 visitor-minutes, the highest figure our SIM has ever achieved in any single day since project launch in July 2007! Also as at 17 February 2008, our in-world public Group now has 99 Members, up from 92 Members on 12 February 2008.


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