Family planning and contraceptives seminar: a big success!

14 December 2007: Yesterday’s seminar about family planning and contraceptives, the second in our bimonthly sexual health seminar series, was a real success! Many thanks to our guest speaker SL:Babette Hoobinoo, and to all those who have attended and contributed to the discussions during and after the seminar.

Contraception1_Boulos13Dec07.jpg Contraception2_Boulos13Dec07.jpg Contraception3_Boulos13Dec07.jpg
Contraception4_Boulos13Dec07.jpg Contraception5_Boulos13Dec07.jpg Click to enlarge.
Snapshots taken during the ‘Family planning and contraceptives’ seminar on 13 December 2007, 8-10pm GMT.

We tried a time that would suit both people in North America and those in Europe (8-10pm GMT). The seminar went well. It lasted about two hours and involved lots of audience-speaker and audience-audience interactivity: discussions, questions/answers, and even an avatar from the audience relating their personal experience with one of the contraceptive methods! We also had a quiz (a copy of the questions and answers is now available via the Notecard giver ball beside our PowerPoint display unit by the ocean).

About 33 unique avatars visted our SIM on the day of the seminar (13 December 2007). They spent in total more than 1200 minutes on our parcel (that’s >20 hours). Peak concurrency was 14 avatars during the time of the event.

Click to view full size image.
Our Second Life official parcel Traffic figure on 14 December 2007, reflecting actual traffic/total visitors’ minutes on 13 December 2007, the day we had the ‘Family planning and contraceptives’ event: 1276 up from 304 the day before.


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