Join us this Thursday 13 Dec 07 at 20:00 GMT / noon SLT

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One of our visitors sent us a message saying “Isn’t it an oxymoron to have a Christmas tree (the celebration of a birth) during the Contraception Seminar….?  Not judging… just find this humorous….“.

Our reply was “Not at all. Our position is neutral; please read this:  Plus there are natural methods and very valid reasons for family planning approved by the Eastern Orthodox Church“.


One Response to “Join us this Thursday 13 Dec 07 at 20:00 GMT / noon SLT”

  1. Babette Hoobinoo Says:

    I think the celebration of birth is a wonderful thing to do at the same time as learning about contraception! I am a qualified midwife, and have always been overjoyed at every birth. Yet I am passionate about contraception too. This si because when babies are spaced and when parents are able to provide for their children, they are so much more healthy, more likely to survive childhood. Have a look at my article on the Global Perspectives of Contraception published in the Practising Midwife in April 2007 and read how contraception saves lives in many different ways. That’s a cause for celebration!

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