Latest visitors’ stats and dissemination activities

Our in-world public Group launched on 10 August 2007 now has 64 Members as at 13 October 2007, up from 25 Members on 12 August 2007 — figures include three admin members (the core project team). Also as at 13 October 2007 (end of the day, SLT time), our SIM received more than 940 unique visitors/avatars (all time) since our initial launch on 12 July 2007, up from about 590 unique visitors on 13 September 2007 (12 Jul 07 – 13 Sep 07), and from 210 unique visitors on 11 August 2007 (12 Jul 07 – 11 Aug 07) — the corresponding figures with repeat visitors would be much higher. The total visitor-minutes spent on our land during the past 63 days (12 Aug 07 – 13 Oct 07, owner minutes excluded) was >5200 minutes (that is >85 hours!), including >850 minutes on 12 September 2007 alone (the day we had the ‘Broken Wing’ Event). More than 100 avatars have so far taken our in-world survey as at 13 October 2007.

Maged’s avatar in Second LifeWe also carried out several dissemination activities over the past weeks, including presenting ‘A quick tour of the University of Plymouth’s Sexual Health Project in Second Life’ at the Rethinking Interprofessional Education and Development Conference, Plymouth, UK, on 8 October 2007 — Maged did a short PowerPoint about the 3-D Internet, plus a 15-minute LIVE tour of our SIM in Second Life, which was extremely well received by the audience (from all over the UK and also Canada). More dissemination activities are planned in the near future, so stay tuned.


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