Condom Tac Toe, pamphlets, new quality links, map, historical posters and flowers!

Condom - O wins ;-)26 August 2007: We have a new two-player board game, Condom Tac Toe (pictured below). Come with your friend(s) and play by the ocean, while listening to soothing music streamed over our SIM’s audio channel! The game’s key message is ‘Safe Sex Always!’ 

Click to enlarge.
Condom Tac Toe!

Other additions: There are free sexual health pamphlets below the laptop in the glass building. Please help yourself! We have also added new links, including ‘DIPEx Sexual Health of Young People Module’ and more, to the blue http cube, which is now also animated. The voice-enabled STDs info kiosk/atlas beside the cube also has an additional slide/link to an ‘Interactive Map of STDs in London PCTs, 1997-2003’.* And lastly, we have some new giant flowers beside the fountain. Enjoy!

 Click to enlarge.
Pamphlets, new links, map and flowers!  (Inset: The new pamphlets rack; touch to get a pamphlet.)

Click to enlarge.
Historical STDs posters stand.

*The map is described in Boulos et al. Int J Health Geogr. 2005 Jan 18;4:4.
P.S. A Notice entitled ‘UK: Rise in sex infections continues’ (with a Notecard attachment about the latest UK STIs stats from HPA has been sent today to members of our in-world public group.


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