Live meetings in 3-D virtual worlds vs. conventional interactive webcasting / Web videoconferencing

For those attending in-world, 3-D virtual worlds like Second Life add emotion / pseudo-body language communication (thanks to sophisticated avatars — closer to face-to-face contacts, but less “threatening” / with more “protection” for those needing this) and a shared pseudo-physical 3-D space. These features are lost when watching a live Second Life broadcast on SLCN–Second Life Cable Network or via Mogulus (if you don’t already know this, Mogulus can be used to broadcast / stream in-world events live to the Web, when combined with tools like ManyCam, which can be set to directly stream a user’s Windows Desktop/Second Life client instead of a webcam–Windows Vista users having difficulty capturing / streaming sound can additionally use SoundTap). (To do the reverse, e.g., stream a RL surgical operation live in Second Life, you will need a service that outputs in QuickTime like Veodia.)

Click to enlarge.
M.N.K. Boulos‘ comment on above slide from IBM (click to enlarge): A 3-D virtual world offers a shared virtual space, enabling students and tutors to feel more naturally, closely and strongly together because of the shared spatial dimension, which can also have other educational uses during a voice conferencing session, including scenarios involving avatars and various in-world objects. You don’t get the same shared pseudo-physical spatial dimension in conventional flat text (and emoticons) / voice / video conferencing and chatting over the Web.
(To see the above slide in-world, visit Info Island (54, 95, 36).)


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