A new interactive STDs info kiosk / atlas with voice

12 August 2007: We now have a new interactive mulitmedia STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) info kiosk/atlas with voice (pictured below). It is located by the fountain, beside the blue ‘http’ cube in our SIM. Operating the new kiosk is very simple. Touch the <o> arrows to navigate the slides/topics; touch a slide to listen to associated voice narration (thanks to Microsoft Anna) or load associated material (PowerPoint quiz game or Web page). The aim of the new kiosk is to send a serious and strong message about STDs to young adults visiting our SIM. Happy learning!

Click to enlarge.
Our new interactive STDs info kiosk/atlas with voice narration. The pre-recorded voice files are stored on the Web outside Second Life to ensure faster access, and also to avoid playing them in-world, (which may annoy other visitors in our SIM), and give our visitors more individual control over voice clip playback without interference by others.

Other news: Our public group launched on 10 August 2007 now has 25 members as at 12 August 2007 @ 20:30 BST, including three admin members (the core project team). We have also installed a new advanced traffic monitor that can track repeat, as well as unique/new visitors, and provide us with useful statistics, including visitors per day, peak visitors and total time visiting (owner’s visits are not counted/monitored). The latter statistic (‘total time visiting’) can serve as a rough measure of visitors’ interest in/perceived utility of our SIM (see this related news item: [1]).


3 Responses to “A new interactive STDs info kiosk / atlas with voice”

  1. Vanessa Tan Says:

    Hi there, I’m a Second Lifer who happens to work in the Health Promotion Board of Singapore (www.hpb.gov.sg). Glad to see what you’re doing in SL. I’ve just signed up to be a member of your group. Looking forward to meeting some of you in SL. My Avatar name is Vantan Gray.

  2. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » A visitor from Singapore! Says:

    […] Vanessa Tan (SL:Vantan Gray) visited our SIM today and blogged about it on her blog–read her article: Sexual Health in Second Life (15 August 2007) – http://vantan.org/archives/2007/08/sexual_health_i.php […]

  3. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » Condom Tac Toe, pamphlets, new quality links, map, historical posters and flowers! Says:

    <p><p>[…] of Young People Module’ and more, to the blue http cube, which is now also animated. The voice-enabled STDs info kiosk/atlas beside the cube also has an additional slide/link to an ‘Interactive Map of STDs in London […]</p></p>

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