Resources on Sexual Health

11 August 2007: The Sexual Health SIM represents a synthesis of current approaches to both MUVEs and sexual health. More content on sexual health is under development, including its socio-cultural context.

Key resources that we have consulted and are currently using to guide the development of this content include the UK’s Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV/AIDs publications and selected peer reviewed articles on interventions targeting sexual health. For an excellent perspective on the social and contextual factors contributing to HIV/AIDS, see Logan, Cole, & Leukefeld’s (2002) meta-analysis in the latter.

Hand-picked Web resources that our SIM visitors currently have access to via in-world links include:


2 Responses to “Resources on Sexual Health”

  1. Dikson Says:

    Thank a quite good selection

  2. Nigel Scott Says:

    Best wishes with your useful project. Would you consider using our site as a reference as well? Genital herpes is much misunderstood – even some health professionals and other organisations deal with it badly. It is essentially trivial but much maligned and with a huge stigma. This makes the psychological aspect of the condition far more significant than the physical. Medically it is just a cold sore and goes unnoticed by 75% of those infected.

    Yours sincerely

    Nigel Scott
    Head of Publicity & Campaigns
    Herpes Viruses Association

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