Open-ended questions added at last! Thanks Eloise!

27 July 2007: Eloise Pasteur (pictured below during her visit today to our SIM) has kindly helped us add the functionality for open-ended/free-text questions to our in-world survey tool by editing the LSL script that powers our questionnaire inside the blue ball at the entrance of the glass building.

Our in-world questionnaire now features three new open-ended questions (including ‘What did you like the most?’ and ‘What did you like the least?’), which respondents can answer in free text by typing in the chat box, in addition to the original six close-ended/fixed-choice questions. (The script then e-mails all answers to the project team.)

It is also worth noting that we are already using Eloise’s scripts elsewhere in our SIM, e.g., the slide/PPT viewer in our open-air seminar area and the script powering our blue obelisk quiz game, both of which (and many more) can be bought from her in-world vendor at the ICT Library Shop. Eloise also wrote a nice article about our project for Second Life Insider (see link below). Thanks Eloise!

Latest blog entries about our project:

Our in-world questionnaire tool.
Left: Eloise Pasteur during her visit to our SIM on 27 July 2007 – Right: Our in-world questionnaire tool.


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  1. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » Ask Alice a question! Says:

    […] our SIM would be more useful, though also technically much trickier to implement and sometimes not feasible, reliably or at all, with some object types/scenarios. But thanks to our in-world questionnaire tool we are still able to gain some insight about users’ preferences/interest in partcular […]

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