Tour of Sexual Health SIM

Machinima video date: 24-Jul-07 – Music by Medwyn Goodall 

This video provides an introduction to some of the resources currently available at the Sexual Health SIM, a snapshot of our “work in progress.”


4 Responses to “Tour of Sexual Health SIM”

  1. Ray Jones Says:

    Nice video. Are there any age/sex/region prevalance figures on SL registrations? e.g. Does anyone know what % of 15-25 year olds in Plymouth UK have SL registrations?

  2. M.N.K. Boulos Says:

    Yes, Jim Purbrick (Linden Lab) covered SL demographics in detail (but not any specific Plymouth figures) in his presentation at the ‘Eduserv Symposium 2007: Virtual worlds, real learning?’ last May – Watch full presentation at

    There is a separate ‘teens grid’ for those <18. We are doing our project in the 'main grid' (18+).

  3. Faye Doris Says:

    An interesting approach to sexual health education. I work in a contraception and sexual health clinic and see a young clientele. I think that they would find this method of delivery attractive.

  4. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » Ask Alice a question! Says:

    <p>[…] but our YouTube video has been viewed more than 1500 times between 25 July 2007 and 4 August 2007 […]</p>

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