Free (virtual) male condoms for every visitor!

23 July 2007: We now have a Free Condom Dispenser inside the glass building, offering visitors free (virtual) male condoms and practical information (pictured below – only one prim)! We hope this will prove to be a useful ‘raising awareness’ edutainment artefact.

We have also added a virtual bookshelf (beside the mock laptop, again inside the glass building), which visitors can interact with to browse a collection of 22 PowerPoint FLIPCHARTS and other documents from the World Health Organization that together make an excellent decision-making and how-to tool for family planning and sexual health.

Finally, we have contacted the UK Family Planning Association (fpa) for possible collaboration with them, and added an in-world link to their homepage to our blue Web URL Cycler/Launcher cube by the fountain.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Our Free (virtual) Condom Dispenser: dispenses two 3D male condom objects to user’s inventory, plus an information notecard on how to use a (real) male condom. Maged built the dispenser using only one prim, and textured it using two uploaded images (at L$10 each), one for the front of the machine and the other for the remaining sides. The virtual condom objects (do not count as simulator prims) and information notecard are stored inside the dispenser object (as ‘Content’), together with a script to offer (copies of) them to the user upon clicking on the machine (try it now in-world).

A radio tuner in the form of a Coca-Cola can

Some have argued that you cannot use an SL virtual condom in RL sex, but you also cannot drink a Coca-Cola radio! It is the message that matters in both cases (‘remember to use a condom’; ‘drink Coca-Cola’)!


2 Responses to “Free (virtual) male condoms for every visitor!”

  1. Kix Kayamanu Says:

    Hi there! (I’ve just joined your group in-world) The efforts you’re putting into SL by supporting sexual health and education is amazing. I look forward to following the university’s progress over the months and hopefully attending future events. Check out my blog post on “Avatars Use Condoms” ( – would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » Featured comment on ‘Free (virtual) male condoms for every visitor!’ Says:

    […] Comment by Kix Kayamanu on 23 February 2008: […]

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