Welcome ChaCha!

14 July 2007: ChaCha Biedermann (pictured below) has agreed to join our project and build a new interactive AIDS/HIV/STD information kiosk on our land. She has many exciting low-prim plans and ideas, including making the kiosk read content aloud using pre-recorded voice files. You can also find ChaCha’s Second Life group for supporting HIV-positives in-world, if you search for Groups and type in “AIDS”. Her group is named “AIDS and HIV HELP”.

Click to enlarge.
ChaCha Biedermann visiting our Sexual Health SIM land (14 July 2007).


2 Responses to “Welcome ChaCha!”

  1. Elahe Amani Says:

    I am very interested in your SL project on Health Education. Please keep me posted so that we can learn from your experience. Are you measuring the Learning Outsomes of this project?

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks. Yes, an evaluation is planned – see details at http://healthcybermap.org/MNKB-et-al_SexualHealthSIM.zip

    Please check back regularly for updates.

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