New screenshots – 12 July 2007

Open-air seminar area with presentation/video screen (still under construction)
Our glass building entrance – Video screen playing/streaming a programme about AIDS/HIV
Note our new water fountain (to the right)!
Nice flowers!
Laptop displaying a page from Contraception Education – clicking the laptop in-world will launch the corresponding Web page
Taking a visitor survey in-world – user feedback is then sent via e-mail to the project team
Teleport station to the new AIDS/HIV/STD display at HealthInfo Island – click cube (in-world) for teleport landmark (night view)
Our new in-world noticeboard – click in-world to visit
As at 12 July 2007 noon our traffic value has increased to 215 (up from 54 in above screenshot taken on 11 July 2007)! (This is a daily value that flactuates up and down.)

Click to enlarge.
Our new interactive EZ-Note Message Board (bought for L$100) – visitors can click in-world to leave a note. We also have a ‘visitor counter’ installed beside it to monitor land traffic.

Click to enlarge.
Another view of the glass building – when the video is playing it makes nice reflections on the glass walls.


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