Initial construction work and networking began

10-11 July 2007: Some initial construction work has been carried out, with new functionality added to the land, e.g., an ‘info notecard/landmark giver’ and test audio/video streams. The land is also now listed in Second Life Search (pictured below – costs L$30/week). Maged contacted (in-world) Karen Ngowe (SL: Wuzzadiva Iddinja) who manages the US CDC presence in Second Life and Carol Perryman (SL: Carolina Keats) who oversees HealthInfo Island, a project funded by the US NIH/NLM. Wuzzadiva warmly welcomed the news about the new project and said she will relay the info to her CDC colleagues working on sexually transmitted infections. Carolina expressed her willingness to help promote the project, and asked for a poster or display about the project (which I sent to her this morning) to have a copy of it at HealthInfo Island. She also mentioned that they have a display on AIDS/HIV and that she is working with a student who is creating an interactive STD display. She said that one of the co-creators of the AIDS/HIV display is a young person who is HIV positive, who had really wanted to begin an AIDS/HIV support group. This has not been successful, but the person is still active in SL, and we hope to invite them to contribute to our project. We will also definitely explore further opportunities and possibilities to collaborate with Karen and Carol/the CDC and HealthInfo Island, and exchange relevant in-world objects/materials and expertise with them over the course of the project.

Elizabeth Grigg, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing at the University of Plymouth (Taunton site), is an expert in sexual health and might also help us in this project–maybe as one of our invited speakers in future in-world events. Another potential speaker is Barbara Hastings-Asatourian from Salford University; she is the inventor of the very successful Contraception Board Game.

Click to enlarge.
Our Sexual Health SIM is now listed in Second Life Search (costs L$30/week).


2 Responses to “Initial construction work and networking began”

  1. John Kirriemuir Says:

    This is cool and interesting stuff. I came across it as I’m doing a survey for the Eduserv Foundation ( on how UK universities and colleges are using SL for useful stuff. Can I email someone involved in this project a few short questions, please? (update 13/7/07: e-mailed and received response from M.N.K. Boulos)

  2. A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life (University of Plymouth) » Blog Archive » Our project is covered in Eduserv’s July 2007 snapshot of UK HE and FE developments in SL Says:

    […] have just received an e-mail from John Kirriemuir (SL: Silversprite Helsinki) saying that the report he was collecting information for is now published online: […]

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